More Stuff I’m terrible at (ahem ahem AWARDS!)

So there’s this really cool blogger who nominated me for this award and after much procrastination, I’ve decided it’s now or never. But honestly, I love these awards! So thankyou Khadeeja, much love ❤️. And please go ahead and check out her blog, especially this post.

So for the rules let me just cut and paste:

The Unique Award is basically all about getting to know other bloggers and celebrating what makes their blogs unique. Here are the rules: • Thank your nominator

• Answer the questions that your nominator left for you •  Nominate 5-10 people (and let them know) • Set questions for your nominees to answer.

Here goes.


1. Describe your blog in 3 words.

Random, growing, exploring.

2. Where do you get blogging inspiration from?

Would it be weird and cliched if I said words? But lots of things inspire me to write. It could be a blank page or a fit of emotion or something. I mean literally anything.

3. If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be?<

4. And if you could ask them one question what would you ask?


5. If you were a colour, which would you be?<
Red. Red. Red.

The Nominees:

1. herwritinghaven<<lovereaddream<<<<misfitnarrator<<<<Scottishmuslimah<<<<chasingsakina<<<<Accidentallyinked<<<<shoaib

My Questions:

1.Three words for how you would describe yourself.

2. What do you do when you’re negative?

3. Is there a wall you could stare at for ages?

4. One place you’d like to just sit and think?

5. Are cats smarter than humans?

Well! I hope you people enjoy. And thank you once again Khadeeja for making me feel so special. *smiles ear to ear*

I’m sorry for all the editing mistakes. WordPress isn’t listening to me. Bear with me heh❤️


An Attempt at a Writing Prompt.


I looked down at my feet

My feet stood on shattered dreams

But dreams are supposed to be up

So I looked up

And I searched the sky

But something looked amiss.

My gaze shifted from one star

To another

Horribly disfigured.

A sky that looked blue

As if coloured by a child

But I looked for sparkle

And that’s when I saw

Paper stars.

I tried folks. I really did. Failed poetry.

Writing prompt here by herwritinghaven.


So another Eid. Hope you all have a nice one. Especially those battling the Monsoon (like me). Ok I know there are worse things than the Monsoon! I know that some of my muslim brethren are in worse states. This Eid, if nothing else, let’s just remember them and send them a prayer.

Mehndi tonight. Wow this sounds really unenthusiastic. Oh well. I never said anything about enthusiasm in the first place.

Let me just tell you that all of you people are amazing. Thank you for reading! Remember me in your prayers.


Youm e Nijaat

I believe there was a day in the history of the subcontinent which the Muslims had named Deliverance Day (Youm-e-nijaat).

Anyways, todaywas that. For me.

You can ignore this one.

Right. So I miss writing. Something other than ratta-fied words on an exam paper. Honestly I get why three students committed suicide last year for these exams. And many more before that. The stress is just so ridiculous! Exams are ruining my Ramadhan. I only get one month of motivation and half of that has been ruined. Honestly, I did not expect this from an Islamic Republic! And on top of that the electricity goes in the middle of the exam. So people, do your exam in this neglected Government college without even a FAN in 47 degrees Celsius. And please, do not pass out or get a heat stroke. And keep the roza because you need to please Allah to get good grades! Why am I even ranting? I don’t know. Anyways people pray. Please, to all the people not reading this, pray for me.

So I thought I’d do a proper goodbye. I’m supposed to be studying rn. I feel a burst of energy and well… I don’t know how I ended up here. Hopefully I will produce a post which has some quality writing. Let me find some motivation *looks around and sees open biology book haunting her in the night*

Rab Rakhan. (Don’t you just love the sound of that word?

My Anniversary

I cannot believe in all my absences nobody missed me. Oh well. All I hope is that Tam doesn’t leave blogging.

Have my exams in case you’re (not) wondering. Pray for me people.

Yes I shall be disappearing again now. See all of you a week and a half later. Never mind that.

Wanted to do a proper cheesy post for my anniversary but circumstances. This has been a real hard Ramadhan.

Oh and by the way Happy Ramadhan. Remember me in your prayers.

No I did not read or like any of your posts. InShaAllah will see you people soon some other day.

It might make you people laugh but when I was a child all I wanted to be was an amazing author who everybody would love. Sighs. YES I can be in self pity.

Pray for my exams tho.

And happy anniversary to me… might have something special for suhoor.

Or I might just leave blogging.

The Blue Sky Tag!

Ok, so two of the most amazing bloggers tagged me for this. One was Saffiyah, who is a revert MashAllah and is an extremely talented writer. The other is Accidentally Inked who is also an amazing writer and photographer. Please do check out their blogs😊

 So these are the questions from Saffiyah

1. Do you prefer hot or cold weather?

I like the cold weather but I don’t like cold feet. Which is basically what I have the entire winter ( which is usually two weeks😂). But the HOT weather… it’s just so hot. 

 2. What are you most afraid of?

Well. I haven’t really told anyone this. I have lots of fears including walking into a store, dogs, moths, etc. These days, it’s not doing well in my exams. Which start in thirteen days. No pressure though, only my ENTIRE future depends on this… no pressure…

 3. What is your favourite animal?

It would have to be a zebra. I remember when I was small we went to a zoo and the zebra fascinated me the most. Once I couldn’t decide wethar to have an imaginary white horse or a black one, so I had a zebra instead. (I must have been five or six)

 4. What is your favourite smell?

Well, there’s this smell but I don’t know where it comes from. All I know is that it comes at night and it’s from a plant. But it’s so fresh and summery! In the winters, nothing beats the fog….

 5. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

I don’t know really. It changes, time to time.

 6. How many people have seen you cry?

Enough to not want to see more.

 7. When was the last time you laughed until it hurt and what made you laugh?

It must have been a long time. I remember it was my mother and me having a laugh at something.

 8. What book or film made you cry the most?

Well, the theory of everything. It was a great movie. But O don’t usually cry and I guess it’s because I saw this when I was really tired. But it was still a great film.

 9. What is your favourite time of day?

In the morning, when it isn’t hot and the sun is just coming out and the air is still fresh.

 10. If you could have any career or job you wanted, what would it be?

I don’t know. Either I would be in the airforce, or I would be a writer, I guess.

 11. If you were in a room with Donald Trump what would you say to him?

Can I borrow your plane?
And now, for Accidentally Inked’s…

1-What is one small thing that can make you smile?

When someone makes me green tea the way I like it.

2-What was the name of the last book that you read? How was it?

Well, it’s called “Physics 11” and it’s pretty torturesome. I actually memorised it yesterday. The process still continues.

3-Alot of people NEED coffee or tea to begin their day. Don’t you think that it is right if someone says that they should be more dependent? 😛

4-If you were to learn a new language which one would it be?

Pashtu. Or balochi.

5-Are you an early bird or a night owl?

I adjust according to need.

6-What do you like most about blogging?

That I can write whatever and nobody even reads. And everybody’s really nice, for some reason.

7-What’s your best childhood memory?

This is hard.

7-If you hear the word beautiful what comes to your mind?

A waterfall in Gilgit-Baltistan named Madupur Waterfalls.

8-If you think of the word terrible what comes first in your head?

A worn-down, deserted, destructed building with bent steel supports and a collapsed wall.

9-Are you thinking I am out of questions now? 😛

I sure am😂😂

10-Would you rather go the moon or under the ocean? Explain why!

Under the ocean. Because… 

11-What country are you from?

A beautiful country that is often portrayed very negatively. A cousin of mine who lives in the UK was actually shocked I had never witnessed any acts of terrorism🙄
Since I had to answer so many questions, so I get to change the rules. Or maybe I’m just being lazy. So I’m not nominating anyone. Thank you once again for nominating me. It felt nice.