If only I could be

Isolated, left alone, uncared for,

By all and no hypocrites

Should befall my path of misery

Then I should let the cry

Escape these lips with freedom

The cry of hurt and pain and grief

The tears should I then allow to drop

I would be at last at liberty

I wouldn’t strive for friendship

Nor would I be grieved at the loss of it

This air I could at last exhale

The eyes would be allowed to see

The body would move at liberty

The hands allowed to feel.

I would not be used

No hypocrisy should affect me

No feeling could control me

No person could arrest me

In something too powerful

The magic once charming would loose its charm

And I would be at last free!


If only I could be…

(Something I wrote when I was thirteen)

That One Drop Of Water

That dusty yellow sand

Stretching out forever, relentlessly

no hope of ever seeing those

beautiful waterfalls, those green lands

The wanderer that wanders

Hoping to find a way out

Holding on for dear life

Dreading the Night for its horrors

but the Day, even more so

Hoping to find that one drop of water

And then suddenly, it appears

Out of nowhere, that one drop of water

And another, and another,

And a cloud hovers in the sky

And the drops join to form a river

And the mist forms a cold breeze

and the cloud covers the sun,

and the river gives new life

and so the wanderer finds his way

with strength anew,

to lands over yonder…

But that one drop of water,

that is what a Teacher is,

giving life to those who have no life

and guiding them to lands anew

Of those beautiful waterfalls, those green lands.