Coffin Candy

She wanted candy. I still remember; her tiny hands outstretched, please? Had anyone ever been able to refuse that please? Didn’t I make you an apple? Funny, how I’ve still got that drawing, a bunch of scribbled lines, this is an apple. Weird, the things you remember. The details you never paid any attention to. Okay, but after dinner.

Can I just put it in my pocket? But there’s a wocket in your pocket! And a rocket, headed towards you, my darling.

In all your innocence, it’s headed towards you, to snatch you from my arms, to stain those beautiful dark curls an ugly red, to make those tiny hands limp, lifeless, gone. How was I to know that last laugh at my joke was truly your last? That I would never feel the sounds of those giggles in my ears again, even when I’d be begging, aching for them, years afterwards?

And when they took you away, out of all the rubble, I’d brush your hair with my hands and beg you to wake up, to live. I’d still be trying that when they’d put you in the coffin, with your hair washed and your wounds — oh those fatal wounds! — closed up.

And that candy, that’d be all I had left of you. I’d slip it into your closed hands, the final snack for the final journey.

Candy for the coffin.




I know Michelle had a Halloween theme, but this is how this prompted me! A little gruesome, but let’s not forget the thousands of children snatched away this way in this cruel world. It doesn’t make the headlines a lot, but it still happens, it’s still there.

October Writing Prompts

(^in case you want to try out her awesome prompts too!)


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