Said the Caterpillar.

If only they knew how jealous I was. If only they could see me through a time less traveled. I was a mere caterpillar; they magnificent butterflies. Soaring up high, exploring the skies, seeking things unsought. While I, ugly, fat and indecently crawling. Destined to stay rooted with the Earth, degraded to a mere being of disgust. They: flying, flying, merrily, from this flower to that, traversing this air current to there, imbibing sweet nectar, nectar which my preliminary digestive system couldn’t even digest. I was reduced to eat and chew tasteless green leaves, forever chewing, chewing, rolling each piece down. They: metamorphosis complete, creatures of beauty, creatures sought by every soul. I: denied my chance to even wrap my cocoon, and every time I did manage to do so, it was sabotaged. Sometimes, a mere rip, like a mild attack at a self esteem, quick to heal, forever scarred. Other times: the cocoon destroyed completely, like a shattered self of shards of glass, almost never healing, a self that does not believe in itself anymore. It always occurred to me: I call these people my friends, I stood by them in their metamorphosis, and they? Am I to dry out as a caterpillar? Am I not to fulfill my destiny? Or is this my destiny, and I should resign to it? Have I been fated to never reach the epitome of desire, and inner beauty? Would I die as is, and they be the embodiment of every ounce of my desires?

*this piece of writing claims no scientific accuracy.

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Another writing prompt!


Gold rimmed and an envelope teal,

With a hard red seal

Blood coloured and pushed quickly

Through a slit that would be


Where gravity knew not grace

Intercepted by eager hands

From faraway lands

Opened to reveal

Emptiness with an empty feel

Two tears blinked,

For there, it was inked,


Empty Promises.

Stay blessed everyone!

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More Stuff I’m terrible at (ahem ahem AWARDS!)

So there’s this really cool blogger who nominated me for this award and after much procrastination, I’ve decided it’s now or never. But honestly, I love these awards! So thankyou Khadeeja, much love ❤️. And please go ahead and check out her blog, especially this post.

So for the rules let me just cut and paste:

The Unique Award is basically all about getting to know other bloggers and celebrating what makes their blogs unique. Here are the rules: • Thank your nominator

• Answer the questions that your nominator left for you •  Nominate 5-10 people (and let them know) • Set questions for your nominees to answer.

Here goes.


1. Describe your blog in 3 words.

Random, growing, exploring.

2. Where do you get blogging inspiration from?

Would it be weird and cliched if I said words? But lots of things inspire me to write. It could be a blank page or a fit of emotion or something. I mean literally anything.

3. If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be?<

4. And if you could ask them one question what would you ask?


5. If you were a colour, which would you be?<
Red. Red. Red.

The Nominees:

1. herwritinghaven<<lovereaddream<<<<misfitnarrator<<<<Scottishmuslimah<<<<chasingsakina<<<<Accidentallyinked<<<<shoaib

My Questions:

1.Three words for how you would describe yourself.

2. What do you do when you’re negative?

3. Is there a wall you could stare at for ages?

4. One place you’d like to just sit and think?

5. Are cats smarter than humans?

Well! I hope you people enjoy. And thank you once again Khadeeja for making me feel so special. *smiles ear to ear*

I’m sorry for all the editing mistakes. WordPress isn’t listening to me. Bear with me heh❤️

An Attempt at a Writing Prompt.


I looked down at my feet

My feet stood on shattered dreams

But dreams are supposed to be up

So I looked up

And I searched the sky

But something looked amiss.

My gaze shifted from one star

To another

Horribly disfigured.

A sky that looked blue

As if coloured by a child

But I looked for sparkle

And that’s when I saw

Paper stars.

I tried folks. I really did. Failed poetry.

Writing prompt here by herwritinghaven.