Since everyone is writing something about the year 2016, I figured I would, too, considering this is the last day of the year in which I am free to write, without feeling guilty about neglecting other more “important” matters.
So what does this year mean to me? Like, when I turn forty, what will I feel about this year? Well, if you put it that way, nothing. But still, what?

Okay… so the first part of the year, or until the middle of August, rather, it was a beautiful time. Atleast for me. A nice time that shall forever be etched into my memory. But then after the end of August (you mean When September Started­čÖä)(same thing i had an exam today OKAY?) not so nice. Like i will try to forget that September 2016- May 2018 even happened. 

Times which are useless, which make you feel useless and handicapped, and which make you feel depressed and awful and an overall negativity takes over you, engulfing you whole, dissolving your identity, taking over everything that ever happened… are times that I do not like. All I need is a break. A nice break. Even if it is a few days. A few days in which I do not have to think about anything. A few days when thinking is not forced upon me. I don’t have to care or worry about anything…. anything….

It’s like these days are etching themselves into my memory. I can feel them cutting into my brain… i can feel it because… because my brain hurts.

Anyways, enough. That’s all. ­čśÉ

But is enough ever enough?

(This was written two days ago but I thought i’d post it now)


My brain hurts.