The Idea of Ideas

A thought can never be yours. These thoughts, they have a mind of there own. They can choose where to appear, and who utters them. A thought is never yours until you utter it or write it down. It’s the same with ideas, too. You have an idea, but you choose to keep it to yourself. then someone else says the same thing, and you tell people how that idea or thought is yours, but nobody believes you now. You cannot convince them. The idea is lost. But then, you have another idea. You tell it to the masses, they do not doubt your originality for a minute. No matter how many other people say they had the same idea, the idea is now attributed to you. Forever. It is yours.

P.S. This idea about ideas is not mine. Wasif Ali Wasif was the one who introduced me to this. He is dead now, but is truly one of the most inspirational writers in the history of Urdu literature.


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